Military Grade Pen

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Who would ever think of a pen as a multi-purpose survival tool?  This one is...for so many reasons.  Whether you are a military service-member deployed overseas, a law enforcement officer on the job, or a survivalist who loves the outdoors, this is one piece of gear you shouldn’t leave home without.

*Aircraft Grade Aluminum

Its’ heavy-duty and wide-body design made from aircraft grade aluminum is super durable and will keep you from worrying about breaking another cheap plastic pen. The machined non-slip textured finish offers superior grip in any condition and allows the pen to be used as a self-defense weapon of opportunity.

*Carbide Tip Glass Breaker

During intense or life-threatening situations, you need versatility, survivability and lethality. Get the edge on all three with the hardened carbide tip. Escape from a vehicle or building through a window without having to punch or kick your way out. One solid strike with the carbide tip shatters the glass.


  • Heavy-Duty Aircraft Grade Aluminum design. 
  • Carbide Tip for emergency egress.
  • Machined non-slip textured grip.
  • Compatible with standard refills.
  • Extra strong clip secures to Tactical Gear.


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