Military Birthday Balls

Shot Caliber provides multiple items that can be used as unique mementos for Military Birthday Celebration Balls.

Each branch of the Military celebrates its birthday by hosting a formal Military Ball. 

What goes into planning a Military Ball?

A ton of brainstorming, planning and voting by the Birthday Ball Committee and rehearsals for the ceremony participants.

Below is a checklist for planning a Birthday Ball.

1. Reserve a venue, preferably in or near a major hotel.  Must be able to accommodate your servicemembers and their guests.

2. Identify and invite a Guest of Honor.

3. Select and pay for Guest of Honor gift, flight and Hotel Room.

4. Vote on memento for the occasion. Order the memento in time for the Ball.

5. Select meal plan for the dinner. Always have one vegetarian meal as an option.

6. Hire a DJ, provide requested song playlist ahead of time. Music should be a mix of current and past hits to accommodate most in attendance. No explicit lyrics.

7. Hire a Photographer. Most photographers do not charge a set up fee. They derive their funds from the photo packages your servicemembers buy.

8. Coordinate on-site daycare and negotiate prices.

9. Negotiate package deal hotel room price, and always ask if they will comp the Guest of Honor room.

10. Fundraise fundraise fundraise. Military Balls, venues and meals aren't cheap. Price of tickets should be offset by rank so that the junior servicemembers pay as little as possible, with a goal of fundraising enough for everyone to attend free of charge. 

Lastly, the ceremonial part of the Ball must be coordinated and rehearsed. From this point forward, each branch has its own ceremonial sequence of events.

Thanks for stopping by Shot•Caliber, and think of us before your next Military Birthday Ball.  Unique gifts with customization to make them truly one of a kind.